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Your wedding day is the day you want to make an entrance in the way that suits you best. Whether that is a horse drawn carriage, a stretch limousine, a classic car or a hot-rod, trying to find exactly what you are after can be a challenge.

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Things to remember about your wedding vehicle

Not just you

Do you need more than 1 vehicle? If you are just traveling with the person walking down the aisle or you have a stretch limousine then you may all be able to travel to the wedding in the one vehicle, otherwise more transport may be required.

Be early

You should schedule the vehicle/s to arrive early, not just to ensure that have an opportunity to have pre-departure photos but also so you can get through any traffic delays that there may be. Although fashionably late is good to allow any stragglers to arrive at the wedding venue so they don’t miss the event, we don’t want to give the groom a panic attack.

Book a longer stay

An experienced wedding vehicle driver should be able to estimate the time you need to book depending on your wedding time, however if you are getting a specific car where they are inexperienced at weddings you will need to advise if you would like to have photos completed with the full wedding party post ceremony and then transportation to reception venue so the booking could be hours longer.

More going than coming

If the reception venue is at a different location than the wedding ceremony, there may not only be yourself and the groom that need to be transported. You may need to consider the groomsman and bridesmaids and how they are going to be transported.

Ad Example

Wedding Date: May 5th
Time of Wedding: 10:00
Pickup Time: 8:30
Pickup Location: Hilton Resort

Wedding Location: Palm Meadows Golf Course
Reception Venue: Hilton Resort
Vehicle Required:

If Car, tick box below
Driver Provided

Other specific requirements of the job
I would like an FJ Holden for the bridal car and 2 more vehicles similar for the rest of the wedding party. I would like the booking for 5 hours for pre photos, transport to ceremony, post ceremony photos and back to reception venue.