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This is your day, the day you have been waiting for so very long, and it is here. Your hair is done. Your make-up is exceptional. Your dress is magnificent. A photographer who is experienced is essential to capturing your perfect day.


Questions to ask yourself

When do you want your photographer to arrive?

Quite often you will have pre-ceremony photos taken with your bridesmaid/s. If you want this you will need to book the photographer earlier and schedule the time for them to take the photos as you will want your hair and make-up done first.

How many photographers do you want?

I have heard that many people say 2 photographers can be better than 1. What will happen is the photographer will take a posed photo then after the posed photo is taken another photographer will take a more relaxed photo of the same frame from another angle with a more natural feel.

How long do you want your photographer to stay?

There are 2 main points to consider. Generally, the longer a photographer stays, the more they will charge, and is it in your budget for them to stay for the reception? On the other hand, how many times do you get married and have all of your family and friends together all dressed up? Are there moments you would want captured?

Example Ad

Wedding Date: May 5th

Start time: 9:30

Finish time: 4:00

Location of Ceremony: Local Church

Location of Reception: Hilton Hotel

Number of Photographers: 2

Videographer required: No

Photo Package Required: Yes

I wish to own the rights to the photos: Yes

I require a digital copy of the photos: Yes

Other specific requirements of the job: we would like to have pre-ceremony photos taken at the hotel also.