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We all know that music can set the mood. Depending on the mood that you are wanting for your wedding reception will depend on who you want delivering the music.

Whether you are thinking fast paced dancing music, instrumental band, individual musician or DJ, whatever you decide, “click here” to start obtaining a short list of musicians who meet all your needs.

When you are planning your wedding it is important to consider what kind of atmosphere you are wanting for your reception.

If you are having a formal sit down wedding the best music would be low slow paced music.

If you are planning your reception to have more of a party feel then music with a faster beat would be more appropriate.


Things to consider

Do Not Playlist

As much as you and your future husband may have planned out all of your favourite songs that you want played, there are probably going to be some that you don’t want played (a song that reminds you of a previous relationship perhaps). Make sure that you have these in a list as well to provide to your entertainer.

Your Venue

Does your reception venue have facilities to accommodate your preferred entertainer? Is it indoor or outdoor, do they have the space for a large band & is there enough power to accommodate the needs of the musicians?

Your playlist

Before you meet with your entertainer, have a list of the song you would like, your favourite artists and genre so that your entertainer can get a feel for the music you like.

Set up time

If you are hiring a venue that isn’t unlocked, you may need to coordinate the setting up of musical equipment prior to your arrival. If this is planned earlier it may make the day flow a little easier.

Putting together your ad

When you are putting you ad together it is important to be specific without going overboard. Remember that the ad is to filter out the musician who cannot meet your requirements so you can get a shortlist who can do what you need. After you have our short list you can get add more details. Try and bullet point/short sentence as much as possible.
Ad Example
Wedding Date: May 5th
Time of Reception: 6:00
Location: Hilton Hotel
Expected duration: 4 hours

Entertainer: DJ
Music Style: Modern

We would like you to bring a microphone that can also be used for the speeches and the MCing to be done by bride’s cousin.