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When you imagine your wedding day, what does your make up look like? Is it glowing and gorgeous or simple yet striking? No matter what you want, you need to find someone who can execute it perfectly – not just for you but for your entire wedding party as well!

At Help Plan My Wedding, we take the stress out of finding the right wedding makeup artist from the hundreds working throughout your area. Just type your postcode into our website and tell us a few details about your big day and we’ll send you through some recommendations.

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On your wedding day, you’ll have cameras following you everywhere you go – from your family, your friends and, most importantly, your photographer. So naturally, you’ll want to be looking your best. That’s why choosing the right wedding makeup artist is crucial.

Of course, we can help you out with that. But before you go searching for the right professional, there are a few things you should consider…


  • What will make you feel most confident when posing for photos or being looked at by your nearest and dearest? You might love a certain look in a photograph, but if you don’t feel good in it, it might not be the best option.
  • If you want your bridal party to look cohesive, take into account everyone’s skin tones, features and other qualities that can affect the way makeup can vary from person to person.
  • Will you need a team? If so, a team of how many? Will this cost extra? These are all questions you need to be asking yourself – so you can ask your artist!
  • Schedule a trial run of your wedding makeup long before the day arrives. This will give you more than enough time to change things up if you don’t love what you see.


No matter what you have in mind for your big day, we can help you find what you need to turn your dream into a reality. Whether it’s your dream dress, a gorgeous venue or the perfect flowers, just use our online service to get detailed recommendations from our experienced team!

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Things to ask

• Do you travel to location or do you have a salon?
• Do you have a team?
• Approximately how much time will be needed from start to finish for the whole bridal party?
• What do you need on location provided to make sure there are no delays?
• Is there anything I need to provide?
• Are there any extra’s that are an additional charge that I may need to pay on the day?

Ad Example

Wedding Date: May 5th
Time of Wedding: 10:00
Photographer arriving 8:30
Location – Pre wedding: Hilton Resort
Bridesmaids Quantity: 3

Flower Girl Quantity: 1
Matron of Honour Quantity: 1
Other treatments required

We need a team to come to us at the Hilton Report to complete the above make-up.

Please provide details of number of people in your team to complete job and estimated time frame with your quote.