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When you’re picking a hairstyle for your wedding day, there are a million different factors to think about. After all, not only is it one of the biggest events of your life, but it’s one that you will look back on in photographs for years to come – so naturally, it has to be perfect. No pressure, right?

With Help Plan My Wedding, we take away the pressure by helping you make the right decision. All you need to do is tell us your post code and a few details about your big day and we’ll connect you with stylists throughout Brisbane, the Gold Coast and throughout Australia.

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What should you think about when choosing your wedding hair stylist?

Do you want your hair up or down? Will you be wearing clips or flowers in it? Are you a veil kind of bride or not? These are all the questions that every woman asks herself before she books her hair stylist – because they are key to deciding what ‘do you will get on the day!

It goes without saying that your wedding hair isn’t something that your regular ol’ hairdresser can do. You want someone who is experienced in doing hair for events, because it’s a whole different ballgame when they’re dealing with pre-wedding mania!

Well before your wedding date arrives, you should be sure to have a complete trial run of with your stylist. This not only means your hair, but your bridal parties and anyone else who will be getting their locks styled on the day. This will not only ensure that everything is exactly the way you want it, but will give you and your stylist a chance to gauge the amount of time that it will take to get everything done from beginning to end.

We suggest doing a lot of research before you decide on the style you suggest to your stylist. You’ll also need to take into account the different hair lengths and types of your bridal party, as one style might work well for some and poorly for others. But don’t fret, because a good stylist will be able to help you work through these issues – and we know plenty of those!

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No matter what you need help with when it comes to your special day, we are right here to lend you a hand! From your make up to your dress, venue and celebrant, we know all the best people throughout Brisbane, the Gold Coast and throughout Australia.

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Things to ask

• Do you travel to location or do you have a salon?
• Do you have a team?
• Approximately how much time will be needed from start to finish for the whole bridal party?
• What do you need on location provided to make sure there are no delays?

Ad Example

Wedding Date: May 5th
Time of Wedding: 10:00
Photographer arriving 8:30
Location – Pre wedding: Hilton Resort

Brides Hair: Image Load
Bridesmaids Quantity: 3
Bridesmaids Hair: Images Upload
Flower Girl Quantity: 1

Flower Girl Hair: Image
Matron of Honour Quantity: 1
Matron of Honour Hair: Image
Others: Mother of the Bride – Brow Wave only

We need a team to come to us at the Hilton Report to complete the above hair.

I would like a trial done by 5th April.

Please provide details of number of people in your team to complete job and estimated time frame with your quote.