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Choosing the right flowers for your wedding is an important – and exciting – part of the planning process. What you choose should suit your theme, your personality, your style and, of course, your budget. But there are hundreds of florists throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast – how do you begin finding the very best blooms that are out there?

With Help Plan My Wedding, we can point you in the right direction and take the stress away from what can be an overwhelming task. Read on or search your postcode to learn more about our service!


How to choose the right florist for your big day

Many brides and grooms think they know what they want from their flowers before they even walk into a florist – and then they’re faced with the sheer volume of choice and are back to square one. But don’t worry, because we can help.

To help you make the right decision, we recommend asking yourself the following questions…


  • What type of bouquet do you want with you when you walk down the aisle? These should be flowers that you are head over heels in love with – because they will be in most of your photos from the big day!
  • What design do you want for your bridal party? Will each of their bouquets be the same or will you allow for some individuality between bridesmaids by making them all different?
  • Do you want any flowers decorating the aisle you walk down? If you do, it’s best to order them with the rest of your arrangements.
  • Will your flowers need to be picked up or can they be delivered? Keep in mind that the morning of the wedding might be the busiest of your life, so if delivery isn’t an option you might want to make sure someone else can pick them up for you.
  • Does anyone in your bridal party suffer from allergies such as hayfever? It’s better to ask than to have a sniffly bridesmaid walking down the aisle!
  • If you’re using fresh flowers for decoration in the venue, be sure to ask whether the venue is set up on the day. If it is done the night before, the flowers will wilt by the time you get there – and that’s not a surprise any bride wants!


But don’t be put off by the amount of planning it takes to choose the most gorgeous wedding flowers for your big day – we can help make it that little bit easier! Just enter your postcode on our website and tell us some information about what you want and we’ll help you find some great options nearby!

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Source Images

Try and get as many pictures as possible that depict exactly what you want (or as close to) so that you can get the most accurate quote as well as what you actually want.

Ad Example
Wedding Date: May 5th
Time of Wedding: 10:00
Time of Reception: 12:00

Approximate Time
8:30 am
Hilton Hotel

Bridesmaids Bouquet
4 x bridesmaid bouquets
Photo Upload

Groomsmen Flowerettes
4 x Groomsmen Flowerettes
Photo Upload

Flower Girl
Miniture of bridesmaids bouquet
Photo Upload

Page Boy
Flowerette same as groomsmen (but smaller if possible)
Photo Upload

Bridal Bouquet
Photo Upload

Groom Flowerette
Photo Upload

Delivery Required

Other specific requirements of the job
Can you also please provide details of how much 6 x arrangements of the attached image would be. This would be for table centres at the reception.